Flow Control Service Business Unit:
The primary focus of NM Insertech (Caribbean) Limited’s Flow Control Services Business Unit is to provide industries with total flow control solutions, with test/repair and servicing of all types of valves and actuators. NM Insertech (Caribbean) Limited is equipped with a Mobile Valve Repair facility in Trinidad, which is certified by the National Board of Boilers & Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Pressure Relief Valve Services

“VR” Certified Pressure Relief Valve Repair and Service Facility, in accordance with the ANSI/ NB 23 and ASME section VIII codes for Pressure Relief Devices. Governed by the National Board ofBoilers and Pressure Vessels Inspectors (NBBI) – NBIC ANSI/NB-23 Code.

Portable Laptop In – Line Pressure Relief Valve Testing Device (Auxiliary Lift Device)

The Auxiliary Lift Device (ALD) primary function is to verify the set pressure of safety and safety relief valves in-line, without having to shut down a system or unit. The ALD has in its database effective areas for most PRV types and configurations.

Valve & Actuator Services
Block Valve Repairs and Certification on the following:

  •    Butterfly Valves 
  •    Globe Valves
  •    Gate Valves
  •    Ball Valves
  •    Check Valves
  •    Plug Valves
  •    Knife Edge Valves

Control Valves Repairs                                                                                                            We conduct repair and calibration on all brands of control valves at our facility or on site.

Actuator Repairs                                                                                                                        We conduct Actuator Repair and Testing on both Electric and Pneumatic Actuators at our facility or on site. NM Insertech (Caribbean) Limited is the sole representative is Limitorque, Keystone and Morin Actuators.



P.O. Bag 373, Pacific Avenue, Pt Lisas Industrial Estate Couva, Trinidad, W.I. Tel: +1 (868) 636-5771 Fax: +1 (868) 636-2846